Jezerska štorija 2014 (The stories of Jezersko) 


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Jezersko is a picturesque valley, surrounded from the east by high summits of sixty million years old Kamnik-Savinja Alps and from the west by more than three hundred million years old coral reef; this is the place where in the new Europe the abolished northern border with Austria no longer separates the Slovenes from both sides of the mountains; the valley which continues through the longest Slovenian village Kokra into the core of Slovenia the green pearl of Europe, so rich and diverse in its nature and its culture. The valley shaped by the vast glacier which disappeared ten thousand years ago and flooded by the waters of melting ice that shaped a big lake after which it got its original name "Pr Jezer” (At the lake). The name was later modernized into today’s "Jezersko”.

(R.Andrejka, I. Muri, Knjižica Jezersko, Ljubljana 1921)
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